Fun Spring Break Activities for Your Little Learner


Fun Spring Break Activities for Your Little Learner

spring break ideas for kids

Spring break can be a great time to rest and recharge as a family. Whether you plan to stay at home or take a trip, it can be helpful to have some ideas for fun activities to keep everyone entertained.

This guide will give you some great ideas for staying busy and having fun no matter where your spring break vacation takes you.

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Spring Break Fun: Out and About

Many families pack up and head out of town for spring break. A change of scenery can help everyone reset and get a break from everyday life.

But even if you don’t want to hop on an airplane, you can still plan fun family trips to remember. Here are some ideas of places you can go over spring break.

National parks

Our country has a rich selection of beautiful national parks to explore. The nearest one may be closer than you think! National parks often offer many family-friendly activities, including hiking, camping, educational programs, and more.

If a national park is out of reach, research your local state parks. You may find a natural wonderland close to home.


Take a day trip to your nearest museum. Even if you don’t have a children’s museum nearby, you may have an art museum, science center, or local attraction.

Road trips

Spring is the perfect time to pack up the family for a road trip. The best part of a road trip is that you can make it as long or short as you want. Not feeling up for a multi-day drive across the country? Choose a location in your state a few hours away for a mini road trip instead.

Theme parks

Depending on your kids’ ages, you may want to explore different theme parks in your part of the state. Disneyworld, Busch Gardens, indoor water parks, and others offer tons of spring break fun for children of all ages–and their parents.

Spring Break Fun: Indoor Fun

If you can’t travel or don’t have time off during spring break, you can still make this time magical. Embrace the extra family time by planning special activities each day. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Board game nights

Pull out a selection of kid-friendly board games. Have a family game night with snacks and prizes. Or, plan to try a new game each night.

Board games are a great way to build vocabulary, learn math skills, practice patience, and have fun. Look for junior versions of the games you love or play games designed specifically for young kids.

Family movie night

Plan a special family movie night. Let your child choose which movie to watch. Make popcorn, turn the lights low, and cuddle up on the couch. You could even wear matching pajamas or dress like characters from the movie. Sing along to songs and get silly as a family.

Family reading challenge

On the first day of spring break, visit your local library. Check out a stack of books for each kid and encourage them to read one each day. At the end of spring break, tally up how many books or pages each child has read and celebrate their progress. Parents can participate, too!

Backyard obstacle course

Give your kids some basic supplies, such as chairs, cones, hula hoops, or whatever you can find. Ask them to take turns making a backyard obstacle course. Time each family member as they navigate the obstacle course.

Spring Break: The Great Outdoors

There are many incredible spring break activities for kids that involve heading out into nature. You don’t need to do anything big or elaborate–spending more time outside is enough.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Backyard campouts

If a “real” camping trip isn’t possible, you can still have a lot of fun having a campout much closer to home. Set up a tent, unroll the sleeping bags, and settle in for a night under the stars in your own backyard. If you have a bonfire pit, roast hot dogs or marshmallows for an extra-fun treat.


Eating outside is so much fun for young children. Pack a simple picnic and explore nearby parks. Make it a goal to find at least one park you have never been to.

Plant a garden

Young children love to dig in the dirt and discover how the world works. Planting a garden provides lots of opportunities for learning and fun. If you have a large space, you could designate one area for fruits or veggies. Or, if you’re short on space, you could simply plant a few herbs in pots.

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